Stony Plain TRAVEL CLINIC works with businesses and corporations who send employees to international locations for work.  Accounts are easily set up to ensure fast and convenient access for all employees to travel vaccinations and clinic care.

  1. Fill out our online Pre-Appointment Form (or call the pharmacy to provide your information over the phone)
  2. If you have insurance that pays for prescriptions, bring along your card(s) so we can bill your insurance on your behalf.
  3. If you have vaccination records, please bring them to your appointment.  If you were raised in Alberta you can access a copy of your immunization records by contacting Alberta Health Services Immunization Records at 780-413-7985. You may have the records faxed directly to our clinic at 780-963-7094 or bring them in with you. If vaccinated outside of Alberta, contact the nearest provincial health unit to where you were vaccinated.  

Fee schedule


Call to Book your appointment:

or book online

Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-6:00pm
Thursday 9am-8pm
Saturday 9am-2pm

*Group appointments can be arranged both at the clinic and off-site at your location.

Consultation fee includes:

  • all injection administration fees 
  • any follow up care including prescriptions, vaccine boosters, post-travel care
  • comprehensive personal assessment**
  • Education on reducing your risk for illness while travelling, including diseases for which there are no vaccines.

**personal assessment is important for travel health as not all vaccines recommended for certain countries are appropriate for every person.  A personal assessment helps you to avoid unnecessary vaccinations which, while not harmful, can be costly.

before your appointment

Travel Services are not covered by Alberta Health Care.  Depending on the individual policy, some private insurance plans may cover travel services.  Our fee schedule is as follows:

Consultation Fees
Standard Consult

Resort Consult 

(Mexico, Western Europe, resort travel)

Individual $65              
Individual $35

Additional person(s) $45 

(Maximum of $150 per family up to 5 individuals)

Additional person(s) $20 each

*Return Clients 

Fee reduced 50%

*Return Clients 
Fee reduced 50%



Note: Patients who have completed a travel consultation are not charged injection fees for administering vaccinations during their appointments. 

There are no additional charges for booster appointments and injection of boosters.

*Clients who have had a previous 
consult with our clinic.

Clinic Hours