​​How long is a travel consultation?
Be prepared to spend about 60 minutes with our travel consultant.  For families or groups this may be longer depending on how many vaccinations are administered during the appointment.

Am I too late to book an appointment?

Absolutley not.  Some vaccines can be given up to the day before leaving on your trip.  Don't hesitate to call us for a last minute appointment.  Vaccines, medications and education all play a key role in keeping you healthy!

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​​​I am returning to the country I used to live in.  Do I really need a travel consultation?  
After moving away from a country, our natural immunity to many diseases such as traveller's diarrhea and malaria decreases over time.   Vaccinations and/or medications are usually needed.  
We will assess your personal medical and vaccination history in conjunction with your specific travel itinerary to provide you with the best information and necessary prescriptions for a safe and healthy trip.

​​Do I have to see my doctor as well?
No.  Our pharmacists are prescribers and can both prescribe and administer all vaccines and medications needed. 

How soon before traveling should I come in for an appointment?

Book your appointment at least 4-6 weeks before you leave to make sure there is enough time to have all your immunizations.  However, short notice appointments are usually available.  If you are leaving sooner than 6 weeks we will provide appropriate immunizations and medications to offer the maximum protection possible.

NOTE:  Yellow Fever vaccination MUST be completed at least 10 days prior to entry into the country requiring proof of vaccination or you may not be able to enter the country.

Will any of the vaccines I require be covered under my insurance plan?

Some private insurance plans or Health Spending Accounts will cover travel vaccinations.  Stony Plain Travel Clinic can submit claims to all direct bill drug insurance.

I have heard there are vaccines that are sometimes required for entry into certain countries.
Will I need vaccines like this?

Currently, meningococcal meningitis,  yellow fever and polio vaccine are the only required vaccines for entrance to or exit from certain countries.  During a travel consultation, your individual vaccination needs are assessed based on your itinerary and you will be advised if any of the vaccinations are necessary.

Why is there a fee for an appointment?

Travel health services are not covered by Alberta Health Care.  Our consultants have undergone extensive education and training in the field of travel medicine.  Your appointment fee covers the time for your appointment as well as the preparation ahead of time in accessing your health records and preparing your risk assessment as well as providing your vaccines and medications to you.  Having an appointment with a travel health care specialist is similar to having an appointment with your doctor, lawyer or accountant.

What Happens at a Travel Consult? 

At your appointment we will:

  • Assess your personal risk based on itinerary, medical and vaccination history
  • Prescribe any medications and vaccines you may require
  • Administer vaccinations on-site
  • Bill any prescriptions or vaccinations directly to your insurance*
  • Provide education & an individualized report on travel risks & prevention of illness and injury while abroad. 

*for clients with direct billing insurance plans

See here for more details

What does the consult fee include?

  • your 30-60 minute consultation plus 30 minutes for injection administration.
  • all injection administration fees 
  • any follow up care including prescriptions, vaccine boosters, post-travel care
  • comprehensive personal assessment**
  • Education on reducing your risk for illness while travelling, including diseases for which there are no vaccines.
  • Customized travel health report to take home
  • ​There are NO hidden fees for writing prescriptions, injecting vaccine, or providing records. 

**Note: vaccine and medication recommendations vary for each traveller even if going to the same country.  

​​Why do I need a travel consultation? 

Personal assessment is important as not all vaccines recommended for certain countries are appropriate for every person.  A personal assessment helps you to avoid unnecessary vaccinations which, while not harmful, is costly.

What vaccines and medicines are ACTUALLY needed vary from traveller to traveller even going to the same country!

Disease risk changes rapidly, even on a daily basis.  Our travel health team keeps up to date on global outbreaks of illness and the most appropriate measures for prevention and treatment. 

During an appointment our travel health team assesses your unique health and vaccine history along with your itinerary to determine the best protective measures for you.