Billing to your Insurance

We direct bill to all prescription drug plans any vaccinations and medications on your behalf.  We will determine during your appointment which vaccines and medications are covered for you and save you the paperwork!

Traveller's Health


Since our beginnings, Stony Plain Travel Clinic has developed strong relationships with local churches and mission groups.   We provide individual as well as group consultations and vaccinations as well as products and education needed for safe and healthy travel abroad. Often these groups have become the recipients of our donations abroad.  


We have extensive experience providing vaccinations, medications and education to students going on Graduation trips, work experience and mission trips through their schools.  Students receive reminder calls or texts for booster vaccinations and education on safety as well as health concerns.


Stony Plain TRAVEL CLINIC works with businesses and corporations who send employees to international locations for work.  Accounts are easily set up to ensure fast and convenient access for all employees to travel vaccinations and clinic care.  Call us for further details.  


We provide documentation of vaccination that may be required for entry into certain countries

‚ÄčOur clinic provides pre-travel assessment, vaccinations, travel prescriptions (such as malaria, traveller's diarrhea, high altitude), recommendations in disease prevention and how to stay healthy during your travels.

Travel Services are not covered by Alberta Health Care.  Depending on the individual policy, some private insurance plans may cover travel services.  Our fee schedule is as follows:

Consultation Fees

Standard Consult
Resort Consu‚Äčlt
(Mexico, Resort travel, Western Europe)
Single $65Single $35

Additional Person $45

(Maximum of $150 per family up to 5 individuals)

Additional Person(s) $20 each
Return Clients*
Clinic fee reduced 50%
Return Clients*
Clinic fee reduced 50%




Note: Patients who have completed a travel consultation are not charged injection fees for administering vaccinations during their appointments. 
There are no additional charges for booster appointments and injection of boosters.

*Clients who have had a previous 
consult with our clinic

Travellers visiting other countries can be exposed to a variety of serious infections and other travel-related risks that can impact their health.

Diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and even Polio are present in many destinations.  

Vaccinations and prescriptions are provided at your appointment. Each consultation is individualized for your itinerary and current health and vaccination status.  Click here for "What to expect at your appointment"