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Being both a PHARMACY & TRAVEL CLINIC has huge benefits for our clients!  

  • ​We canbill directly to employee and government Drug Benefit Plans for vaccines and medications required, saving you the hassle of sending in receipts.

  • One stop travel health solution: we prescribe AND administer vaccinations all on-site and carry all travel related prescription medications

  • We carry specialty travel supplies such as mosquito bed nets, high potency Deet, water purification options, oral rehydration and anti-diarrhea therapy.


  • No hidden pricing: You do not have to pay any injection administration fees for having vaccines and boosters injected if you have your travel health consult with us. We also do not charge for writing prescriptions, issuing vaccination records or for follow up appointments. 

What our Clients Say

Via Comment Form

"It was great to get everything done in one place. I didn't have to see my doctor for prescriptions. You provided everything I needed."
James K., Stony Plain

"I didn't realize there was so much I needed to know before my trip.  Good thing you gave me information in writing!"
Laura Z., St. Albert 

"You really helped me understand what I needed.  I didn't know I wouldn't need every shot recommended on the Internet."
Robert G. A., Edmonton

Via email:
"Thanks for giving me the prescription [for diarrhea pills].  I was pretty glad I had them when I got sick in Cuba!"
Jaime, Devon 

"Thanks Carlene for giving me that prescription cream for the rash I got in Dominican.  Rash is gone.  On to the next trip!"
Gerald P., Spruce Grove

We are the experts
Our travel health practitioners have received extensive training.  Certified through the International Society of Travel Medicine, they are up to date with the latest travel health news and alerts from across the globe, which can change on a daily basis. Their knowledge and experience help them to determine a specific plan to keep you safe and healthy while you are away.